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Gregory Garay

I’m a blactino artist who is a Bronx native, Brooklyn Affiliated, and a Pittsburgh transplant. My mission in life is to bring great visual story telling with people of color as lead characters. I love to illustrate and animate.

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Ellis and the Magic Mirror

Ellis and The Magic Mirror is about a young boy who finds a magic mirror and discovers that there is a secret society of trolls hiding out at his school that is trying to prevent children from learning.

Little Sam's Secret Place

Little Sam’s Secret Place is an inspiring tale of a little boy who discovers his parents are struggling through hard times and may be on the verge of separation.

Kayla's First Chicken

Kayla’s First Chickens is a series of four leveled readers designed for early readers by Jomo W. Mutegi.


Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Saturn Surprise

The rings of Saturn go round and round, Disappeared one day and could not be found. To put them back, just take a chance, And join me in the Saturn Dance! Meet Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo- 9-year-old girl Super Surgeon on the Go.

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