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Our Daddy By Rene Guity

Essentially the book is basically a compilation of things that I tell my girls on a regular basis. I have two daughters who are now 12 and 8. I found myself saying certain things over and over like any other parent out there and even started to take those messages to my kids at the school where I worked. So I thought to myself “Why not just write them down?”

Our Daddy
Author: Rene Guity
Page Count: 22
Genre: Picture Book
Price: $9.99
Available at: www.pickupthepace.co or Amazon

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We are free – A story about th...

With the help of the wonderful bird Dunuru, the brothers and sisters Binah, Namulé, and Hethu meet Dah, an old herbalist from the tribe of the Garinagu, who lives in the middle of the jungle. Like magic they fly into the past and experience the history of their people originating from Africa.

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Wanaragua – A unique story abo...

Wanaragua – A unique story about a traditional mask dance
“Binah, Namulé and Hethu experience another adventure while searching for their culture inherited from the Arawak and Garinagu. The feathers for Namulé‘s costume are missing and the dance steps of the wanaragua are not perfect yet. Dah, the herbalist and her bird, Dunuru, know how to help. With the assistance of Ibi, a magic doll who comes to life, the siblings travel into the past in South America.”

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Discover a new adventure!

Talee is a fun loving eight-year-old who adores adventures. She loves to read about her favorite explorer, Captain Jewel, and hopes to one day be a great explorer herself. Because of her love for exploring, she explores her home planet, Gala, whenever possible and takes her friends Cora and Nola with her.

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Labyrinth’s Door – Anyia...

Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars Labyrinth’s Door – Anyia, Dream of a Warrior is
available on Kindle http://amzn.to/VkEVyI and Nook http://bit.ly/ZfhkOD

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Interview with the author of the boo...

As a huge fan of Dr. Seuss and her natural gift of art, at age 12, Andrea L’Artiste developed the desire to write and illustrate children’s book. It wouldn’t be until much later in life that she puts her creativity into books. She recently founded and started the publishing company MyTinyPages.Booksforkids, where she is also an author and illustrator.

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Birthday Wish & Giveaway

Read about Cora’s Birthday Wish at http://bit.ly/10qw8KZ & enter the giveaway to WIN a Talee and Fallen Object book set >> http://on.fb.me/P6qyLa

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